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a south pay car dealer is
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behind bars tonight accused of swindling doeses does -- dozens of people out of cash and high priced cars. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. now seven weeks later police have made an arrest. this may be just the first of the charges to come. maureen naylor has the story. >> reporter: the accused car swindler is still here in jail. tonight we broke the news to victims but say they are happy but are still out tens of thousands of the dollars. tonight this furniture outside is all that's left of the car dealership on east el camino real. police say this 50-year-old who we believe -- who went by this
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made up name andy paul made the scam. >> reporter: any idea how he was able to pull it off? >> no, we're not sure if he was taking money from one and giving it to another. no. >> reporter: this witness says he witnessed when someone came in and towed the last of the land rover and porshe. >> everybody was coming by asking where's my car, what happened. are they still here. >> reporter: this santa clara mother say it is dealer took her 2010 yukon and promised her $20,000. she's elated. >> i am happy.
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i didn't expect this to happen so fast. i'm surprised, i'm very happy that this guy is now behind bars. >> reporter: amid lasal was arrested on six counts of theft and faces six years of prison if convicted but police expect many more charges to come. there's still no word on any of the wear abouts of any of those missing cars. maureen naylor, ktvu news. the chp is warning people about a spike in auto thefts in alameda county. 6,688 vehicles were reported missing last year. that is an increase of 17%. investigators say the economy is at least partly to blame. we took these pictures in pleasanton. it was one of the city east hardest hit. thefts there are up 23%. new information on the deadly explosion of mexico's
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main oil company. dozens of ambulances rushed to the offices of pemex. just within the past hour, authorities said the death toll has increased to 25 with more than 100 others injured. another 30 people with apparently trapped in the debris. the explosion happened in the basement of a parking garage one official with an ambulance company said the blast was caused by a gas leak. pemex is a state owned company with more than $100 billion in annual sales. now to our super bowl coverage, much of the 49er organization spent today apologizing for those home phobic remarks made by a defensive back. mark ibanez is live and tell us the remarks may have become a major distraction for the team, mark -- >> reporter: no question about it. i just landed here a couple of hours ago, you kind of hit the ground running ready to have fun and games covering the super bowl.
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bourbon street, the super bowl, but no. this is a story that has legs. everywhere i've gone just in the last hour and a half or so they are talking about it. still. and this was the still day that chris coliver was available to the media as you would imagine, he was very popular for all the wrong reasons. big crowd around him, wanting to know more about his insensitive remarks particularly because he plays on a team based in san francisco. and as you would well imagine, the 49ers were in complete damage control mode top to bottom. >> i'm sorry that i offended anyone. those were very ugly comments and that's not what i feel in my heart. hopefully like i said learn and grow from this experience and this situation. and that i love san francisco. anybody have any entitlement to what they want to do and what they want to believe. >> i do believe that that is not -- there wasn't malice in his heart. he's not that kind of person.
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he's not a, he's not an ugly person. he's not a discriminating person. >> i think he sort of got too comfortable, let something get out that wasn't how he truly felt. and you guys talked to him, his statements are he wants to grow. he wants to learn the lgbt community. he wants to learn more about the communities in large at the bay area. now it's up to us to treat that with insensitivity and intolerence. >> reporter: obviously he regrets making those comments. not a good position for the organization to be in. but that comes with the territory. if you're playing in the super bowl it's not just a local market you're talking to. it's a worldwide market.
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it's magnified to its full extend and he learned a very big lesson. michael crabtree will visit with us and talks about all the quarterbacks he's had to deal with throwing to him in his brief career. but now it looks like he's going to settle on one that will make it happen with him and that quarterback we've been hearing so much about. but that's later in sports back to you now frank and julie. >> all right, mark we'll see you then, thank you. the highway patrol says it'll be out in force on sunday looking for drunk drivers. the study by the automobile club found that dui crashes in california are 75% more likely to happen on super bowl sunday than on regular sundays in january and february. that figure is from a survey of fatal and injury crashes over a decades from 2002 to 2011. a coca cola add aid to air on superbound sunday is being criticized tonight as racist. the company is coming under
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fire from arab american groups, the ad features an actor with a camel among a cast of characters all racing to reach a coke. the viewers are asked to go online to vote for the winner of that race. however the arab style character is not on the ballot. critics object to the camel riding stereo type. and says the absence from the arab character is another slide. coca cola says that character portrays a movie star. all among the hot sellers this week as folks prepare for their super bowl parties and stock up for sunday. jana katsuyama live in san francisco where she found that no matter what the final score it's a win for a lot of businesses. >> reporter: from the chips to sodas to lots of super bowl decorations. officials here tell us this is the second busiest time for food sales of the year.
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second only to thanksgiving. >> reporter: along supermarket aisles banners are up. the red and gold rush are up. and with the 49ers in the super bowl many businesses are striking it rich. >> we're trying to get the last of our stuff done before the weekend. >> reporter: mike politt is cooking for sunday. among many following the tradition. >> we're going to cook chicken wings. >> we're going to cook lasagna. that would be a 49ers in there. >> americans will spend average of $50 million on super bowl parties. >> reporter: the safeway on 16th street sold 17 cases of avocados just today along with party trays and football themed trays. >> tortilla chips and queso and
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beers. >> reporter: many restaurants are seeing a bump in business, at zachary's, customers are already putting in orders. >> from the time we open to close, we're going to be slammed. >> nobody is going to show up. everybody is wanting to watch the super bowl. i want to watch the super bowl. so we're going to close down and eat and drink some beer. >> reporter: joining in what they call an official holiday. they're expecting the biggest crowds on saturday so keep that in mind if you still have shopping to do. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. and stay with us for continuing coverage at 10:30 the effort to keep counter fit nfl goods off bay area streets and what happens when we asked one man where his gear was from. and at 10:45 we'll go back to our sports director mark ibanez live in new orleans as we count down to super bowl xlvii. three teenagers arrested for a home invasion robbery in
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san jose appeared in court today where they learned of new charges. the teens were already facing charges for the home invasion. prosecutors added two more charges against miguel marez, james pa merson and ezra santana. that took place last week before the home invasion that terrorized an elderly couple. now to san francisco where a federal judge declared a mistrial in the case of debra madden. she's the former crime lab technician accused of taking cocaine from the evidence lab. the case ended with a hung jury a year ago. prosecutors are expected to meet again in two weeks to discus the possibility of a third trial. the court appointed monitor
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overseeing reforms says the report is backsliding. they sited different occupy demonstrations and officers in pointing out misconduct by fellow officers. he said in the last ten years officers have only used an anonymous reporting system three times. the president of the police officers union says he is disappointed and warshaw did not take into consideration the rioting mob police were facing during those occupy protests. as california's population grows it's demographic is changing. and soon latinos will overnumber the white population in this state. by 2060 the number is expected to increase to 53 million. census figures show latinos are the fastest growing group. by this summer latinos will make up 39% of the state's population and that will equal the number of whites and by 2020 latinos will be the largest group at 41% with
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whites making up about 37%. the u.s. labor department is reporting a sharp spike in applications for unemployment benefits. first time applications jumped 38,000 last week. that is a change from the previous two weeks when the numbers fell to five year lows. analysts say the numbers remain consistent with moderate hiring. the national unemployment rate for january is due out tomorrow. nasdaq was flat. january was a positive month. its strongest since 1994. the noro virus outbreak. the link to a company party and what could have prevented it. >> and folks in baltimore likely jealous of our team and our weather: we'll show you which areas may have temperatures in the 70s tomorrow. the test that cannot detect
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it and the dangerous consequences. >> i lost my love because of smoking.
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new at 10:00, a vigil was held tonight for san francisco's latest victim. >> reporter: we're at 11th and mission it's not the best area at night but it's not the worse. and this is where a software sales man was mourned tonight
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by strangers. >> we all know what it means to lose somebody. >> reporter: this vigil rarely grabs a glance as people rush by on their workday. >> to some people he's just another homicide victim but in god's eyes he's precious. >> reporter: clergy and strangers light candles after he was found beaten with head trauma. now an online marketing division of intuit. a coworker set up this memorial page for him and friends express their sadness of a life cut short. these mourners lit almost 70 candles around the city last year for people who died violently. and naos vigil is their sixth in january. they already prayed for victims shot and stabbed.
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one run down, naos' killer robbed him for his money. only a handful of people passing by asked what happened. >> the whole tone needs to be changed this year. >> reporter: this group never knows when they'll meet next, only that they will. making sure those like scott now are more than statistics. >> we know that family is paying. they were hoping that he would make it. he was attacked for a cell phone. that could have been you or me or anybody. >> ♪ >> sometimes victims relatives come to these ceremonies. i spoke tonight with scott naos' brother who's here from massachusetts but he did not want to talk about scott while this case is still unsolved. we're still in san francisco, deborah villalon, ktvu news. a thief in marin county learned a message, don't fight with lindsay lawson she will
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fight back. she was having lunch when a woman grabbed her purse. laura jumped after the woman. the woman jumped into a car but the car wouldn't stop. that's when laura took action. >> i started punching her harder and harder in the face until she finally let go. and the car finally starts and they take off. three men help rescue a woman this morning from a one alarm fire that gutted her house in contra costa county. the fire broke out at a home on the 4900 block of burgundy drive. authorities said the fire was under control in about 20 minutes. the three men pulled the woman over a fence to safety before those fire crews arrived. the motorcycle rider killed in a crash yesterday on highway 4 has been identified now as a 44-year-old man from concord.
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timothy ruvanin crashed into the back of a boxed truck. the chp is still investigating the crash but early reports indicate he may have been driving too fast. the truck driver was not injured. california regulators have lifted a seize and assist order against two of three lift cars. both were criticized by taxi services for taking away fares. a third company scicar is not included in the suit. a noro virus broke out. and the deli owner says it was spread because of two workers that came to work sick. >> reporter: some of its customers are now just getting back on their feet. >> i just woke up during the
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night friday night. >> on saturday that's when the diarrhea set on and i could not move. >> reporter: juan carlos morales and toshia pereira got sick after a luncheon at work. at first pereira thought it was something she cooked at night. >> i went downstairs, threw away all the pasta. and decided i was going to die the next few days because i was so ill. >> reporter: but after several workers called in sick, the company called the food service department who did an
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investigation. health officials say noro virus can survive on surfaces for a long time and they say using hand sanitizer like this won't kill it. they say washing your hands with soap and water works best. in concord, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. it has been a dry january for sure. we talked about it. look at all the days we had rain on the sixth. 23rd and the fifth. the month ends and we're the third driest january in san francisco. san francisco records go back to 1850 that's before california was a state. so third driest. we're doing okay for rainfall because december was such a powerful rainfall month. temperatures are on the warm side. 68 in santa rosa. these were the numbers from today. 69 in redwood city. high temperatures on your friday almost a carbon copy of these. might be a little warmer in some places. you might even see a 79-degree reading. specific forecast high for your
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neighborhood. then we go into the weekend and find your warmest day out of saturday or sunday. dozens of people showed up for a concert in honor of giants fan bryan stow. the paramedic and father of two suffered serious head injury during an attack outside dodger stadium in march 2011. how much will you spend on your sweetheart this valentine's day. what people are planning to spend according to one new survey and why that has retailers seeing a rosy outlook. he walked away after the accident. but that changed for the rider of this snow mobile at the winter's x games. [ male announcer ] are you a business traveler
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a snow mobiler who crashed while performing a back flip at the x game in colorado last week died today from his injuries. caleb moore was his by his more than 500-pound snow mobile. moore walked away from the crash but developed bleeding around his heart and head injuries. moore's family said he died after a complication with his brain. a man tried to steal a bike as he was on his way home from jail. police air forced zachary bernal yesterday after police officers saw him cutting a bike lock in front of the civic auditorium. they said he had just been released from jail following a domestic violence the previous night. a second major u.s. newspaper is reporting its been
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hacked and claims the hackers are in china. the hackers appears to be an effort to spy on its reporters who cover china. the newspaper says it has now overhauled its cyber security. last night the new york times also announced they have been hacked by someone also covering china. apple's intervention followed a warning of security. and a creation of a patch by oracle that appeared to fix the problem. the mac world convention may not have its name sake vendor anymore but it is still attracting a pretty sizable crowd. the annual event opened up today at the masconi center. apple hasn't participate since 2009 preferring to interact
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with its customers at its stores instead. the number of attendees has maintained impressive but it has remained steady even though the number of its vendors has almost doubled. >> all these new enterprised sprout up. >> reporter: the show now focuses heavily on mobile devices, app developments and has included developers. retailers are looking forward to an up tick for spenders. consumers will spend an average $130 on their loved ones. many will also buy gifts for family members, friends, coworkers and even their pets. total spending for valentine's day is projected to reach almost $19 billion in year. according to the survey a whopping $815 million will be spent on our four legged friends. i almost died.
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i almost you know i almost lost my life for getting high. >> a drug banned last year, but we found it is still so easy to buy. but at first police show off gear that they call counter fit. we show you how one dealer reacted when we went looking for the counter fit goods on the street. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals
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of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now best foods mayonnaise is just $2.77. so pile it on.
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pizza is served. digiorno pizza is just $3.88. and here's a treat. dreyer's ice cream is only $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. three days before the super bowl, federal officials in san francisco showed up a collection of counter fit 49er clothing they had seized. they said the clothing has less quality but is very similar. >> they have the right to control their product and their
10:32 pm
brand. >> investigators say so far $300,000 in potential revenue has been lost locally because of counter fit goods. no arrests have been made but investigators say they will aggressively shut down vendors. a maintenance worker in fremont recently stumbled upon a dazzling find. the man found a bag of jewelry. that's near coronado drive in the carillo neighborhood. police say they would like to return the items to its rightful owner. if you have any information on the jewelry or its owner, you can call fremont police. the city's planning department has sited the art college for operating a school out of buildings designated for commercial use and turning residential hotels into student housing. the academy of art is one of the city's largest landowners with 42 properties and 18,000
10:33 pm
students. now to tonight's special report on a synthetic marijuana that's illegal but still easy to obtain. the federal government banned spice just last year but tara moriarty found that it was still easy to find. >> i felt like i was hot, like my body was paralyzed. >> reporter: the oakland's 16- year-old suddenly collapsed. >> he was standing right here so i could see him through the glass. and he just fell forward. >> reporter: i thought my son was dying. i thought that that was my last moment with him, i thought i just thought it was over. i thought that was the end. >> reporter: when latoya came to pick up her son from an afterschool program she found him lying lifeless. washington had taken spice also known as synthetic marijuana. >> i almost lost my life just from smoking, trying to get high. trying to be cool i guess.
10:34 pm
>> reporter: it's sold in packets like these called incense not for consumption but some people smoke it. just like bath salts another dangerous drug once sold over the counter, spice also called k2 can contain a number of chemicals including an ingredient found in fertilizer. >> it's a mix of herbs laced with synthetic chemicals that are designed to mimic the effects of thc. it's really an unknown, you don't know what you're going to get with each batch that you buy because of that it can be very dangerous. extreme paranoia, kidney failure, psychosis. >> reporter: many kids find out about spice in juvenile hall because it's a drug that cannot be detected with a drug test.
10:35 pm
>> i was still trying to get high without getting caught. >> reporter: it's popularly recently became big. washington bought his spice just one block from the youth center. his mother showed us how easy it was to buy. >> spice, $13. >> reporter: this past summer the drug enforcement agency made five of the chemicals used to make spice illegal. >> we can't get it anymore, we used to have it. >> reporter: the producers keep manipulating the name to get around making more. law enforcement officers tell us unless the drug is sold openly they don't have the resources to go after every store that may be selling the drug behind the counter. >> is that spice? >> yes. >> reporter: this drug was g15,
10:36 pm
$15 for 4-ounces, roughly twice the price of marijuana. because the drug is constantly morphing it's hard for police to keep up. washington's advice those thinking of taking it. >> i would say don't take it. it's life risking. >> reporter: recently hospital emergency room reported twice the amount of admissions. some suffered seizures. >> they told us i might not be able to speak. i might lose feeling in my hand, it can paralyze me. >> reporter: now sidney's goal is to go speak at schools. >> i am lucky, i do feel lucky. >> reporter: in oakland, tara moriarty. >> reporter: it was a tip from a viewer that prompted this report into just how easy it was to buy synthetic marijuana. if you have a story you would like us to investigate, e-mail
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us at i reports. the confirmation of hagel got heated today. they went after hagel on israel, iran and weapons. in was a time when mccain questioned hagel decision in iraq. >> i can talk about why i made those comments. >> reporter: if confirmed hagel would be the only republican in president obama's cabinet. several republicans said they will vote against him but may not be able to stop his confirmation. in news of the world tonight in the middle east, syria and it's ally iran are questioning retaliation for israel's air strike. syria's civil war has caused
10:38 pm
international concern that syria's weapons could fall into the hands of extremist groups. in greece, train stations were emptied because of transit worker strikes. greece had to apply for international loans to deal with their budget crisis. more flooding is expected in some places tomorrow, when a river crests. about 7,000 people have been told they won't be going home any time soon. another 23,000 are isolated literally cut off by the highway water and at least six deaths have been blamed so far on all the flooding. she was accused of lipsyncking at obama's
10:39 pm
inauguration. how beyonce addressed the media days before the super bowl. a multi million dollars mistake that's going to cost one bay area school district. you can't move the tv there.
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at least two people are dead after a massive pile up on a highway in detroit involving 30 vehicles snow is falling but crews say the roads were salted. and in hendricks county indiana, jackknife tractor trailers stacked up like lincoln logs. this chain reaction crash involved at least 40 vehicles. more than a dozen people were sent to hospitals. one is listed in critical condition. the labor contracts covering thousands of university of california employees expires at midnight. as ktvu's rob roth reports the workers want to draw attention to their plight so they got
10:42 pm
creative. >> reporter: about 50 people mostly union members demonstrate. gold representing outgoing mark yudos pension of $200,000 a year and cat food representing the pensions of workers. >> your greed is going to force our workers to survive on cat food. >> reporter: the rally here followed a noontime protest. at uc berkeley and at the nine other uc campuses in california and five medical centers. the protests are an effort to bring attention to what workers say are stalled negotiations between uc and the union representing 22,000 employees including custodians, cooks and workers. >> i worked at uc for over 30
10:43 pm
years along with my husband. and i'm worried about my pension. >> reporter: and that is what workers say they are most concerned about their pensions. >> there's no real retirement. i'll definitely have to work until i die. a lot of people are in that situation. >> at the university of california we're fortunate that we do have a pension. most californians most americans don't and we want to ensure that it is well funded. >> reporter: the two sides are still negotiates and union leaders say even though the contract expires tonight at this point there are no plans for a strike. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a multi million dollars accounting error but the oakland school district is going to cost students in its 86 schools. a district spokesperson tells us the $7.6 million error was discovered last week. they said the problem is a line in the budget was mistakingly added twice. district schools now could lose any where from $10,000 up to a
10:44 pm
few hundred dollars. the difference depends on the size of the school and its utility usage. >> it does have a devastating effect on school communities and we apologize for the mistake inpoints of misleading schools in terms of how much money they could expect to receive. >> the district says individual schools may have to cut afterschool programs or a staff position. parents, teachers and others will have a chance to express their concerns at the school board meeting next wednesday. the weekend is so close, i'll have your complete bay area forecast. >> beyonce belts out the national anthem. the details she revealed today about her super bowl halftime show. and cheers, the number one ranking americans managed to earn when it comes to wine. [ ] ring. ring. progresso.
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superstar beyonce is per forming -- performing at the halftime show at the super bowl. the singer quickly silenced her critics of her recent inauguration performance. >> ♪ >> she belted out the national anthem live for the hundreds of reporters on hand. this follows a storm of criticism for her lipsyncking her performance. but today she said that will not be the case on sunday. >> i am well rehearsed. and i will absolutely be singing live. this is what i was born to do. what i was born for. >> reporter: today's press conference was beyonce's first public comment since the uproar began. hillary clinton gave her last speech today as u.s. secretary of state. >> after four years in this job, traveling nearly 1 million
10:48 pm
miles and visiting 112 countries, my faith in our nation is even stronger. and my confidence in our future is as well. >> she summed up her time as the council of foreign relations in washington, d.c. she also spoke about the country's need of small power to get rid of influence. senator john kerry will be sworn in as her replacement tomorrow. british supermarket chain fresh and easy is ensuring cust many -- customers that they're not going any where. there was speculation the company stores in san francisco would be closed. however the company is now sent a note to customers saying they have no plans to close stores. americans now make up the largest wine market in the world. consumption here is up 13% and
10:49 pm
that u.s. production has increased 2%. but american wines are facing competition from argentina, chile and australia now. lines produced over seas account for 35% of sales here in the united states. experts say that's because they're generally cheaper. nasa pilots flew a special mission out of moffet field today. a fighter jet flew low to measure pollution. nasa aims has also installed hd cameras and dvr on board to show scientists the pilot view of pollution. welcome back, we've got clouds to the north and west of us but not over us. it's a nice night out there. this is the upper level jet stream and it sends everything to the north. that's way up there to the 20, 25,000 feet some where like that. at the surface that jet stream
10:50 pm
is pressing the fog away. that's why temperatures today were pretty darn warm. we have 68 degrees today. 69 in redwood city. it's going to be cool tonight. it was frosty just like it was last night. you will find freezing temperatures in some places. most of us will be in the upper 30s, low 40s around the bay. 48 in oakland right now. 51 in hayward. looking for dense fog in santa rosa so kind of look for that as well. tomorrow afternoon's temperatures they end up a lot like today's but maybe a little warmer in some places maybe a little cooler in others. either way you're well above the average. with temperatures in the mid- and upper 60s. you will find warmer temperatures than the 66 in napa, you will find the freezing spots. about 38 degrees as you head
10:51 pm
toward evergreen. the jet stream stays to the north. this high pressure is with us tomorrow. then it starts to break up a little bit. this high pressure center goes up the coast. we need rain but we are not going to be getting any from this. we should remain dry. as this system moving up the coast. saturday i think we will see some clouds moving in. the computer model does this. here we are friday morning, nice. here we are friday afternoon -- nice. watch what happens now. clouds start to come up. that's saturday morning. saturday afternoon, southern half of the district will be mostly cloudy. as you get into sunday it shoots back down sunday morning. sunday looks like the nicest day of your weekend. 68 in santa rosa, 65 in san rafael. 64 in concord and brentwood 64 degrees. the five day forecast pops in here. we have no rain to speak of but what the heck, let's enjoy it. it's happening, it's great. you look at that we just saw
10:52 pm
that story, it's freezing, and there's storms. it's just beautiful here. >> it feels like early april instead of january. fred just said good golfing weather. >> also great time for football and tomorrow should be fun in new orleans. tomorrow morning, this has never happened before where we have brothers dual press conference. that happens tomorrow morning. the harbaugh's getting together. i expect it to be something right out of the smothers brothers segment. meanwhile the 49ers and ravens are done getting poked by the press. although our own mark ibanez landed in new orleans and i know there's still a few good stories out there, right. >> reporter: no question, i was listening to bill doing the weather. i feel like doing a little weather right now. coming off the gulf of mexico a little cold breeze. about 43 degrees right now. so that's the temperature in
10:53 pm
new orleans. but you know you think about 49er history and the super bowls everybody knows they're undefeated and you look back on those years. i don't think anything rolled off the tongue like montana to rice. but kaepernick to crabtree, doesn't quite have the same ring to it but i tell you what it's been very effective since kaepernick took over the quarterback position. michael crabtree has come alive and really proving that he is worth the number one pick the 49ers spent on him. you think about this guy's career. he fought through a couple of injuries and he has always had five different quarterbacks throwing to him. but it looks like he has found the right chemical connection with colin kaepernick. >> a lot of people forget, i've had like four quarterbacks since i've been in the league. this is not my first transition. you know a lot of people want to put a lot of emphasis on alex smith to colin kaepernick
10:54 pm
but i've had four quarterbacks, really five. this is my fifth quarterback. that's crazy. alex smith, colin kaepernick, david karr, man i've had them -- you know what i'm saying it's not my first transition. it's all about playing football. a lot of people forget though. i think a lot of people in here have forgot that we've done had like four or five quarterbacks since i've been playing but it's all good. >> reporter: big weapon there michael crabtree. really looking forward bright and early tomorrow. the brothers harbaugh will be talking to a live mic and i'm sure their mom and dad will be there so everybody is looking forward for that. joe fonzi will be covering that story. it's a story that has been well documented. but if you really think about it. it's incredible two brothers make it to the nfl then they're going to the super bowl. in the meantime for the bowl on
10:55 pm
the bayou down here in new orleans, i'm mark ibanez back to you fred. >> you better settle down because it could be a bumpy ride for the next few days. and dallas held -- at the sharks to become the first undefeated team. but can they really remain there? um... try the number one! yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. fiber one. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate.
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well let's see, world series, check. super bowl, check, stanley cup anybody? why not. the sharks show us that they can blow you out or grind you down. edmington oilers wear the blue jerseys tonight. and look at it, logan is kaepernicking. 39 seconds later. 39 seconds later, joe pavelski picks it up and, the big pavelski makes it 2-0. they find themselves in the shoot out for the second straight. san jose win 3-1. they are 7-0 their best start ever. set curry missed his second game. and warriors face the mavericks today. everybody can miss out on this
10:59 pm
one. 12-0 run, richard jefferson, moving on up. this may be the deepest bench in the nba: but the mav -- mavericks make it a one point game. warriors hang on 100-97 they are off to their best start in 21 years. that is sports as we see it. cal winning tonight, santa clara in basketball also a winner. >> what a good night. >> good for bay area sports fans. >> there's something in the air. thank you for watching ktvu news. we will see you when the news breaks. >> we'll have an updated forecast for the super bowl weekend ahead. good night.

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